Therapy suite


In November of last year, I decorated a section of Blackthorn Medical Centre called the ‘therapy suite.’ This part of the building had to be refurbished due to a fire earlier in the year. I painted three rooms (coloured light therapy room and two massage rooms) and an adjoining corridor. My first layer of lazure was a very pale lemon yellow, applied to all the walls and ceilings in each of the rooms. The second layer of lazure was its complimentary colour, red violet. It is a very delicate balance between these two colours so the strength of each has to be done sensitively. In natural light these two colours are ‘breathing’ in and out of each other constantly. The small massage room has only these two colours (babies and children). In the larger massage room (adults) I applied orange and in the light therapy room orange and red. And in the corridor a very strong orange. The therapy suite feels warm and welcoming.

Massage room – lemon yellow/red violet
I sealed the new wooden floor with Osmo polyx hardwax oil.


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