“We Swim in Peach Blossom”

Lazure painted doctor’s surgery in Blackthorn Medical Centre, Maidstone.

It was Rudolf Steiner in his Colour lectures who introduced the concepts of ‘lustre’ and ‘image’ colours. The image colours are black, white, green and magenta (often referred to by Steiner as blue-red, red-blue and peach blossom). The lustre colours are red, blue and yellow. The problem with peach blossom is that we cannot actually see it, which causes confusion about its visual representation. Not only that, the five tones of peach blossom are between Capricorn and Pisces as one therapist told me. The reason we cannot see peach blossom, according to Steiner, is because we swim in it and view everything through it. So, it’s a bit tricky if asked to paint a room peach blossom because I’ve come across different interpretations of it, in which case I prepare various sample boards to help find the right nuance for the customer. The room above, painted a few days ago is not peach blossom, it is mauve tones transitioning down to lilac but there is definitely peach blossom in it lol

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