The word lazure means a glaze of colour, originally a glaze of blue.

I’m a professional decorator who specialises in lazure painting; a glazing technique in which layers of translucent colour are applied to a white surface.

I fell in love with lazure when I first saw it in Botton Village many years ago…

Lazure painting developed out of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925)

For fun I take photo’s with my Samsung mobile – gc-photo-art.com

I write the occasional poem –  butterflyinachineselampshade.wordpress.com

And this year I finished a Writing for Screen & Stage course at Regent’s University, London.

Thank you for visiting.

Gary Chippendale, M.A. 14/07/2019

“We mold our lives in clay and light” – Pablo Neruda



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