Private house upper landing. Sunset mood / lazure transition.

Heatherwick Studio: Maggie’s of Leeds cancer support. Rose / violet interplay and transition.

Blackthorn Medical Centre doctor’s surgery. Red transitions down to green.

Rudolf Steiner House London. Staircase section. Peach blossom, leaf green and indigo blue.

The Christian Community, Forest Row.

Private house, Hartfield. Red to violet transition.

RSH theatre walls. Burnt sienna / red ochre interplay.

Colour transition.

Blackthorn open plan waiting room.

RSH staircase section.

Counselling room.

Doctor’s surgery. Mauve / violet.

Battersea, London. Green / turquoise bathroom.

RSH Lantern room.

Medical Centre corridor. Lazure transition.

The Christian Community chapel, Chicago. Plant pigments red violet and indigo blue.

Forest Row community room.

Private house, East Sussex.

Solheimar eco village, Iceland. Lilac music room.

Massage room.

Stockmar plant pigments.

RSH entrance area.

Medical Centre. Red and blue waiting room.

Proscenium arch, London.

Private house, Totteridge.

RSH staircase section.


Private house, London. Yellow / green interplay.

Yellow / rose interplay.

Raw sienna living room.

Yellow ochre, burnt sienna, red ochre interplay.

Mauve / violet

Private house, Hartfield.

Peach blossom tones.

Orange / green transition.

RSH studio. Cochineal red.

A shimmer of green.

I only use the finest materials available for lazure painting. The white base coats are either clay paint or Aglaia natural casein paint. For the colour glazes I use Aglaia beeswax binder, watercolours, earth and plant pigments. And Pear Tree Well natural mineral water.

Thank you for visiting.

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