‘But the craft…’


“But the craft of the hand is richer than we commonly imagine. The hand reaches and extends, receives and welcomes – and not just things: the hand extends itself, and receives its own welcome in the hands of others. But the hands gestures run everywhere through language, in their most perfect purity precisely when man speaks by being silent. Every motion of the hand in every one of its works carries itself through the element of thinking, every bearing of the hand bears itself in the element. All the work of the hand is rooted in thinking.”

Martin Heidegger.

The Earth is flat!

lemon yellow

A lazure glaze consists of water with a little bit of pigment and binder added.
Every time I tilt the bucket the water always finds its level again. I phoned my painter friend in Chicago and asked him about his bucket of water. Same thing happens, levels out all the time. I said there’s over 3000 miles of curved ocean between us, it makes no sense.
He hung up.